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Spitting Image Puppet Restoration

Michael Caine


This Michael Caine head is an original piece made by the Spitting Image team for exhibition purposes. It is made in exactly the same way as the puppets, therefore prone to the same deterioration. 


The head was very rotten and had very bad cracks and large areas of broken rotten foam. It was a painstaking process to rebuild these areas as it takes several layers of specialist materials which need to dry naturally and cannot be force heated. 


There were several areas with cracking, which left unattended would lead to futher deterioration. I carefully sealed and repainted these areas to protect against larger cracks developing in the future. The main focus was to I rebuild his nose, chin and neck area. 


As always, I restored Michael to be sympathetic to its authentic condition, maintaining the original features and paint work and ageing the restored areas appropriately.  





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